Frisian Tiles - Handcrafted Dutch tiles and tile panels

Frisian Tiles sells original handcrafted Dutch tiles and tile panels (tableaus). Our traditional products are designed and painted in Friesland, the Netherlands.

It is possible to have your own design on a tile or on a tile panel. For questions or further information please contact us.

Our white Dutch tiles are covered with white tin glaze. This recipe is being used since 1550 in the north of the Netherlands. It gives a typically gentle warm brilliance to our Dutch white tiles.

An impression on more tiles is called a tile panel or tile tableau. From the 17th century on, this is an important additive in the Dutch living culture. In all living spaces tile panels can be applied, mostly they are found in kitchens and fireplaces. Frisian Tiles has a broad program of traditional painting impressions and also modern designs.