Tile panel ship F

  • Tile panel ship F
  • Tile panel ship F
per tile panel

Dutch tiles are covered with white tin glaze. This recipe is being used since 1550 in the north of the Netherlands. It gives a typically gentle warm brilliance to our Dutch white tiles.

Condition:      New, original handmade tiles
Size (hxl):       52 x 52 cm (16 tiles)
                        8 mm thick
Period:            ca.1750
Price:              € 1.075,00 (VAT incl.)
Number:         16 tiles

Option:            Size 39 x 39 (9 tiles) 
                         € 675,00 (VAT incl.)
                        Size 39 x 52 (12 tiles)
                         € 810,00 (VAT incl.)

Crackle finish is optional. Crackle finish give tiles an old and original look, see picture below.

For questions or further information please contact us.

Item number: TS21k

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