Border tiles mascaron

  • Border tiles mascaron
  • Border tiles mascaron
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Dutch border tiles are covered with white tin glaze. This recipe is being used since 1550 in the northern parts of the Netherlands.

Border tiles are used for finishing tile walls. Border tiles are also used as a frame for tile panels.

Condition:      New, original handmade tiles
Size:               6,5 x 13 cm
                        8 mm thick
Period:            ca.1575
Price:              € 35,00 (VAT incl.)
Extra:              In architecture, a mascaron ornament is a face, usually human, sometimes
                        frightening or chimeric, whose function was originally to frighten away evil
                        spirits so that they would not enter the building.

Standard with a non visible crackled glaze.

Border tiles are available with crackle finish (visible crackled glaze), this is optional. Crackle finish give tiles an old and original look.

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Item number: RD20

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