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... just the style I was looking for ...

The tiles arrived safely yesterday and they look great. They are just the style I was looking for on my project.

October, 2019
J. Martin
Centerburg, OH
United States

Very nice drawings!

All well received and appreciated, very nice drawings!
Many thanks for your reactivity through the whole process.

June, 2019
G. Koenig
United Kingdom


Jan! Just a quick note, the tiles arrived about an hour ago. I’ve not yet opened all the boxes, opened 2 and they are PERFECT! Good job! Thank you! They are so beautiful!

April, 2018


Thomaston, ME

United States


Jan, the tiles all arrived safely and they are BEAUTIFUL!  We love them!  I can’t wait to arrange the fireplace and see them all together, it will be so unique and just lovely. Thanks so much for sharing your art with us and being such fun to work with! 

April, 2018

Carla van Dongen

Towanda, IL

United States

Really amazing :)!

Thanks again for being such a wonderful support in my project! It is really amazing :)!

August 2017
United Kingdom

It has been great working with you on projects Jan and I look forward to working with you on future projects. 

February 2017
Senior Interior Designer
United Kingdom

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the beautiful tiles – they are exactly what I’m looking for! And thank you for giving me a ‘heads up’ when the tiles were ready for shipment and for helping me on making the tight deadline!


And thank you so much for all your help Jan!

November 2015

Camilla Langvad



…as great as I imagined…

Dear Jan,

The tiles came Friday and they are looking just as great as I imagined. Thank you very, very much! One of the white tiles was broken during transportation, but I think we can manage without it. Once again thanks a lot!

Oktober 2015

Charlotte Christensen,

Randers NØ



Geachte Jan,
Heb zojuist het tableau met de kreeft in goede orde ontvangen, heel en wel. Het resultaat is allemachtig prachtig en ik ben er reuze blij mee!

Oktober 2015

Jean Cirkel


…perfect timing…

Hi Jan,

I'm sorry I forgot to send you confirmation earlier.  We have the tiles, and everything is perfect. I got a message when they arrived in Newark, and you may have been notified too. Luckily, Newark didn't hold them for long - only a couple of days. It is perfect timing, because the countertop is in today, and they will start tiling soon.


Thanks for everything!

September 2015

Lisa Olafson

Larchmont, NY

United States



…little piece of the Netherlands…


Hi Jan,

The tiles are beautiful and I am very much looking forward to having them as a little piece of the Netherlands in our home in SE Asia.

Have a great summer!

July 2015

Rachael Huelskamp

The Hague



…klein maar fijn!


Er is enige tijd verstreken - ondertussen heb ik de Friesjes geplaatst. Op de foto's kunt u zien waar uw tegeltjes terecht zijn gekomen. Al was het maar een kleine bestelling, ik zou zeggen klein maar fijn! We zijn heel erg tevreden met de tegeltjes!


Mei 2015

Eddy Schallier & Annick Verbeke



…chique sfeer...


Wij zijn zeer tevreden met het eindresultaat en genieten iedere dag van de klassieke chique sfeer van de tegels. Bedankt nogmaals voor uw goede zorg!

April 2015

A. Meng



Bij deze wilde ik u vriendelijk mededelen dat onze tegels veilig en wel zijn toegekomen, en deze zijn prachtig.

Maart 2015

De Groote Bruno


…100% blij…
De tegels zijn gearriveerd en ik ben er 100% blij mee :) - Dank!
December 2014
H. de Vree
Den Haag
Veel dank voor het meedenken!
September 2014
Lisa Wiersma

...look great...

Hi Jan, 
The tiles have arrived and look great!
Many thanks, 
April 2014
Samantha Crowley
Hunting Valley, OH
United States

…very pleased…
Dear Jan,
My apologies, the tiles arrived safely yesterday and I had not managed to email you. I am very pleased with them, thank you, they are lovely.
March 2014
Eilidh McCosh.
…very, very happy…
Hello Jan,
The tiling is done, and they look absolutely beautiful! Very, very happy with them!  The few breaking tiles were unfortunate, but haven't in anyway affected my opinion of your excellent product or your service. I look forward to using you in future possibly in my own house and on projects. I will send you some photos of the finished kitchen when all the finishing touches are in place!
Thank you again.
Februari 2014
Tobiah Samuel
Hastings, East Sussex

...absolutely beautiful...
Found this company online, ordered a traditional floral basket pattern with slight customization for a kitchen backsplash. The result is absolutely beautiful, beyond my expectations! Communication, payment, shipping all outstanding. Definitely highly recommended!  
Februari 2014
D. Collins
Grander, IN
United States


Dear Jan,
I just wanted to briefly show how beautiful the tiles look in our new kitchen! We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
December 2013
Susanne Butz

...helemaal tot in Zweden!
Eindelijk even de tijd gehad om een paar foto's te nemen van onze nieuwe keuken met de mooie Friese tegeltjes met spin hoekmotief. Ik wil je ook nog even bedanken voor de fantastische & snelle service! Altijd onmiddellijk een uitgebreid en vriendelijk antwoord op m'n vragen en geen moeite die gespaard werd bij de bezorging, helemaal tot in Zweden! Bedankt!

Oktober 2013
Lotte Moens

...very happy...

Dear Jan,
Find attached a photo of the tiles now up on the wall. We're very happy with them.
Thanks again,
Augustus 2013
Tom Raw
Ware Hertfordshire