Tile panel rooster V

  • Tile panel rooster V
  • Tile panel rooster V
per tile panel

Dutch tiles are covered with white tin glaze. This recipe is being used since 1550 in the north of the Netherlands. It gives a typically gentle warm brilliance to our Dutch white tiles.

Condition:      New, original handmade tiles
Size (hxl):       52 x 39 cm (12 tiles)
                        8 mm thick
Period:            ca.1640
Price:              € 685,00 (VAT incl.)
Number:          12 tiles
This tile panel is also available in blue, black or purple. Illustration colour is optional.

Crackle finish is optional. Crackle finish give tiles an old and original look, see picture below.

For questions or further information please contact us.

Item number: TD27

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